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Steve Cunningham 'Travels' CD cover "TRAVELS" features this most versatile artist on electric, acoustic, and slide guitars, as well as dobro, banjo, and slide electric. In this all original set, Steve's fiery electric guitar, blazing technique, sense of humor, and imaginative improvisation brightly light his rising star!

1.It's Clobberin' TIme 2.The Island Song 3.George T. Tirebiter 4.Funka Junka 5.Scum of the Earth 6.The Quickness 7.Peacemaker's Hornpipe 8.Hopped Up 9.The Last Mile 10.A Trifling Matter 11.Flyin' the Coop 12.Hannah's Dream 13.Bunch Boogie 14.Travels in Three 15.The Deep Crisp Optimist 16.Grin 17.Cunning Jam 18.Rapture

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