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Faux Freshman Seasons of the Heart CD cover This musical journal chronicles the "Seasons of  the Heart" and adds 7 never before recorded arrangements* to our 2nd "Faux" CD.  We also have gathered nine of the Four Freshmen alumni, (they finally graduated!), including Bob Flanigan & Kevin Stout-jazz trombone, & friend Sue Raney, to pay tribute to Bill Comstock, who was, for 13 years, 2nd tenor & guitarist with our Vocal Jazz Hall of Fame icons.

1. It's All Right with Me 2. Blame it on My Youth 3. Give Me Time 4. Don't Make Me Sorry 5. How High the Moon 6. Summer Has Gone 7. Give Me the Simple Life 8. Seasons of the Heart 9. I'm Glad There is You 10. When My Sugar Walks Down the Street 11. The Earth Begins to Sing 

Faux Freshman Scratchin' the Surface CD cover
"Scratchin' the Surface"
The debut of the Four Freshmen alumni tribute series featuring The Faux Freshmen: Rod Henley, David Rowland, Dave Bentley, & Garry Lee Rosenburg.
The agile pen & fertile mind of legendary arranger 
Kenny Albers is the focus of this set:

1. Shangrila 2. Estate 3. Spring Isn't Spring Without You 4. Please Walk Softly 5. The Trouble with Hello is Goodbye 6. Chelsea Bridge 7. Oh, Lonely Winter 8. Green Fields 9. The Freshmen Years 10. Old Friends

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