A Classic Case title art

Dr. Rod
Jennifer Hanson
The Four Freshmen
The Faux Freshmen
Bill Broughton
John McLane
Steve Cunningham

Dr.Rod Cast


A Classic Case CD cover Our "Enhanced CD" features the music video
"Air" (on the G String)  Bach-Henley, a compelling duet
with Grammy-bound performances by soprano Joy Waters and tenor Victor Robertson, (Tri-Cities Opera of New York).

Acoustic (nouveau flamenco) and electric treatments to Rossini's "Salsa Will Tell" and Tchaikovsky's "1812"Overtures, showcase our awesome guitarists
Bill Hatcher and Steve Cunningham.  The BOMBS!

"Peace & Love!"("Pathetique")  Beethoven-Henley, our anthem for world  peace features John McLane & Joy Waters.  How timely!

"Clair de Lune" Debussy-Henley....cool vocals and the piano jazz artistry of John Iancy Korosi.  Can you say, "jazz waltz?"

"First Love" (Harp Etude) Chopin-Wofford, a haunting lyric and performances by Alfreda Gerald with a welcome "Reprise" by Canada's Jennifer Hanson. 

"The Ring" This ancient  Nordic myth is our slightly irreverent Wagnerian hip-hopera starring David Rowland and Jennifer Hanson.  The roof is on fire... HO-YO to YO! 

"Love Dance", Jennifer Hanson's erotic a capella reggae chant to Ravel-Henley's "Bolero". Acid trombones, guitars, full orchestra & chorus!  Parlez-vous franšais?

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